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Meeting spaces require great user experiences. Control Systems digitally transform how we work, learn, live, present and control all devices in a set-up to enable single-touch control.

From desktop touch screen displays to wall and wireless smart devices-control lighting, displays, sources, HVAC, blinds, AV in your set up.

RTI blends power and performance to control and automate commercial systems of any size. From managing an office’s smart conference room to integrating a restaurant’s smart lighting control with audio distribution, RTI enables control solutions with an intuitive interface so that every user can achieve instant mastery.

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Control systems should be Simple, Standardized, Scalable, Serviceable and Secure.

Elegant RTI control and automation that elevates the smart home can enhance any commercial setting. Imagine an office that fosters collaboration even when working from home or a lecture hall where the A/V launches with a single touch.

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