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Teachers today are faced with the challenge and opportunity of using technology to teach. Computers are amazing educational tools, but they can also be a huge distraction to learning. The Internet, instant messaging, email and games are a constant temptation for students.

Our solutions remove these distractions so you can teach more effectively.
No classroom management solution is simpler to install, easier to use or better suited for teaching in a computer-based classroom.

Our Solutions help:

Facilitate learning by allowing the teacher to show their screen to the students

Remove distractions such as the Internet, applications, USB drives and printing

Keep students on task through real-time thumbnail monitoring

Get student’s attention by blanking out their screens

Assist students through remote control and chat

Access student understanding through student testing

We inspire imagination

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Conferencing - Selective & General

Lesson Studio (Customized Learning Materials)

View-Master (Student Monitoring)

Live Classroom

Things-To-Do (Exercises to be undertaken by the student)


Listen, Speak, Read and Write (LSRW) - The most effective methodology used for teaching and learning languages

Review/Compare/Evaluate/Repeat with original/native accents in text/audio/video formats

Highly effective listening, speaking, reading and writing


Teaching and Learning Efficiency is enhanced with the advanced, unique and user-friendly features

Total Control and Monitoring provide Total Peace of Mind

Customized and detailed attendance and progress reports on students and the teachers

Remove Distractions, Improve Learning on PCs, Macs and Thin Clients

The revolutionary concept to master Intelligible English with Global Accent along with many other languages

Numbers dont lie

AVTECH since 2002!

We deliver breakthrough and enduring results, creating bold, innovative solutions that work.
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