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Safety at workplaces or public areas are of utmost importance to any organization.

Voice evacuation systems are a must for any building with occupants to include malls, airports, bus stations, office blocks etc. Reach all your audience at a touch of a button to pass important messages across a wide area-clear and intelligible communication.

Nurse call systems in hospitals offer direct communication between hospital staff and patients on beds during emergencies for fast and quick action.

Access control systems give only authorized persons access to designated places. By use of cards, fingerprints or facial recognition- permit only authorized personnel to controlled areas. Get all data of who was where at what time and for how long.

CCTV camera surveillance has come of age to ensure monitoring of not only mission-critical areas but as an assurance of secure work environments.

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Safety & Security—at Workplace and Everywhere Else

Employees, tenants, visitors and other building occupants require reassurance of their safety and security in all environments. The primary responsibility rests with those charged with managing such spaces. Monitor visitors, allow access only to permitted personnel, reach all at once during emergency, ensure patients are attended to on call and that students restrict their activities to set times. These are the solutions we offer-ease of use and plug n play.

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