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What we do

Managed Equipment Services/Lease Services

We keep technology working, so you can keep working. We are partners, not vendors. Our AV Managed Services team of experts provides proactive, data-driven, user first support and zero downtime on your AV requirements to ensure you focus on your core activities.

For heavy users of AV technology like hotels, conference venues, learning institutions, corporate etc; we set up on long term basis AV Equipment that meet your requirements with full technical team on-site to manage the installation on a daily basis. This reduces the organization’s heavy investment on outright purchase of AV equipment and the keeping of obsolete items. Charges are monthly or quarterly.

For clients already with AV investments in their businesses, we have a technical team to manage the same and ensure your meetings are not disrupted by equipment or operational issues.

Service Level Agreements/SLAs

We provide SLAs for all equipment/solutions installed by us. This will ensure that your AV investment is protected against operational failures at critical times of your presentations.

Design and Build Services

We work closely with building services consultants and end-users to design and build AV/IT technologies for deployment in various fields.

Our design/technical team will pay a visit to the site; prepare drawings, technical and commercial proposals and organize a PowerPoint presentation on the project.

How do we work

Getting your Systems Integrated, simply


We Design


We Collaborate


We Integrate


Customer Service/Support


We work closely with architects, contractors, service engineers, interior designers and end-users.


We collaborate with you to deploy and create seamless solutions that capture and convey your needs.


Our integrations inspire imagination. We strive for innovation. Together, we advance world-class integration solutions.


With proven technology, competitive pricing, modular solutions, unrivalled customer service/after sales support with projects delivered in time.